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These are a new line of fuel pumps that are available in 2.5 and 5 gallon sizes they are for Gas and Jet A Glow set up is in the blue can also. They have a 5 foot! coiled fuel line and a coiled recovery line. No more spilt fuel and you can also cycle the old fuel from your tank after your last flight. The 12 volt fuel pump will fuel and defuel your plane, and the safety switch covers will protect your switches from accidentally being hit. If both switches are turned on a 10 amp inline fuse will blow to protect your pump motor. The pump motor is sealed, not an open brushed motor with a cap on it!!! The pump battery is a rechargeable 2500 nimh that you can recharge with your field charger or a bench top charger there is a charge jack located on the main box for jr/ futaba leads . it is also removable from the can by releseing the velcro strap. The main fuel nozzle sits inside of festo fittings that lock into place and are air tight . each can is air pressure tested to ensure that there are good seals on all fittings . we also offer the fittings for your plane to fuel your plane with no more fuel dots!! the fitting has a built in check valve when the fuel rod is removed it will shut behind it , you will no longer have to hold it in place because it locks into the plane untill you release it . the dimond plate runs under the 5 gallon tanks to keep from wearing out the bottom of the can on the flight line , and it looks dam good to!

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